Ignore Me is the lead single from Betty’s upcoming third studio album. 

Australian singer/songwriter Betty Who has unveiled the video for her brand new single Ignore Me, and it’s a sassy, one-take extravaganza.

The video follows the 26-year-old as she busts out some playful choreography with a (pretty hunky) dancer, whilst head-to-toe in a stunning, all-white outfit.

“The experience of shooting the Ignore Me video was definitely one for the ages for me, ” said Betty.

“Shooting an entire video in one take where there are so many moving parts felt impossible sometimes, but every single person on that set worked so hard to bring together a thousand factors and make it look like one seamless, living, breathing moment.”

She added: “I’m so proud of how it turned and am excited to share it with you!”

Ignore Me is the first of newly released music from Betty as an independent artist. Betty’s first two albums, Take Me When You Go and The Valley, were released under record label RCA.

The lyrics of Ignore Me are a nod to how she felt being part of a major label industry, and if you listen to the lyrics, you can clock the subtle shade…

Watch the incredible video below.

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