Barbra Streisand’s new single Don’t Lie To Me is a rousing political power ballad.

The legendary singer, actress and stage performer has announced her return to the music scene this week, and it’s all kicking off with the release of her first single in four years, Don’t Lie To Me, which was co-written by the icon herself.

“How do you win if we all lose, you change the facts to justify, your lips move but your words get in the way,” she sings over haunting strings and keys, before asking on the soaring chorus: “How do you sleep when the world is burning?”

While there’s no direct mention of Trump, it’s not hard to figure out he’s the target of her scathing judgement.

As well as being an avid Hillary Clinton supporter during the presidential election, Barbra last year referred to Trump as “disgraceful” and this week tweeted: “Accused of sexual assault by 19 women… how did Trump get to be the President?”

There’s more good news, as Barbra has also announced the release of her upcoming album Walls, due out on 2 November, which has been described as “an impassioned collection of songs for our time and all time”.

It’s her first album of primarily original songs since 2005, so fans are naturally getting pretty excited.

“This collection of songs reflects what’s been on my mind lately, and I look forward to sharing that with you,” Barbra wrote in a tweet announcing the album.

Listen to Don’t Lie To Me below.