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Hold on to your wigs, Arianators.

The pop princess has kept a relatively low profile since her Dangerous Woman Tour ended in September last year, but that silence is about to end… very soon.

Despite several reports that pop princess Ariana Grande would be returning to snatch our wigs with a brand new single on 27 April, the singer herself has now confirmed that it will actually be coming on Friday 20 April.

Yes, that’s right: We’ll be getting brand new Ariana in just two days!

The singer and LGBTQ ally made the announcement to coincide with her return to social media, from which she’s been absent since the end of last year.

“Missed you,” she wrote alongside a teardrop emoji, before announcing the single’s title and release date.

Ariana began work on her fourth studio album shortly after the release of 2016’s Dangerous Woman, which reached number one on the UK album charts and spawned the brilliant singles Into You and Side To Side.

Collaborators on the new record include hitmakers Max Martin (Problem, Bang Bang), Savan Kotecha (Break Free, One Last Time), and Pharrell Williams, so we’re expecting big things from this one.

According to sources, the album is ‘deeply personal’ to the singer, and has been inspired by her experiences over the past two years, including the horrific bombing at her Manchester concert which left 23 people dead and around 500 injured.

While we’re not entirely sure what the new single will sound like, Ariana shared a preview of a brand new, work-in-progress song on New Year’s Eve alongside the caption: “See you next year.”


We are ready.