Andra Day in The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Andra Day has discussed her breakout role as Billie Holiday and addiction to sex and porn in a new interview.

Sitting down with InStyle magazine, the 36-year-old opened up about her acting methods when it came to her role as the iconic jazz singer.

“I didn’t want any element of sexualization. I had come out of something in my own life – dealing with porn addiction, sex addiction,” she explained.

“I’m being very candid with you because I’m not the only one. But I knew I wanted all of that very much gone.”

Day went on to explain how playing Holiday helped broaden her ways of thinking when it came to sexuality and femininity.

“I feel now, after playing Billie, that I’m honouring her, and the strength that is femininity. I’m definitely in a healthier place to enjoy that because I’m outside of the addiction, if you will,” she stated.

The Golden Globe winner also discussed how people reacted to her losing 40lbs – which she lost for the role.

“I’ve had people ask me, ‘Do you feel prettier now that you’ve lost weight?’ I was like, ‘Hell No! I liked being juicy! I was cool,'” she explained.

“But I do like the way [weight loss] feels on my body, I like the way it feels on my joints. You do notice a difference.”

She then made a powerful statement concerning beauty standards and shut down the idea of a “classic beauty.”

“Beauty takes on so many different forms, in different times and depending on the nation. It’s just about being confident, loving yourself and understanding your value,” she said.