“It’s weird but it works out” 

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has recently opened up about co-parenting and living with his ex Benjamin Maisani.

During an appearance on Ellen, the 53-year-old journalist discussed the dynamic stating: “We actually still live in the same house because we get along really well.

He continued: “It’s weird but it works out. It’s interseting because he wasn’t sure he really wanted to have a kid which probably one of the reasons why we broke up. But then he came around to the idea. Now, he is such a great parent.”

Cooper continued to give praise to Maisani and opened up about his ex’s reaction to their son getting his first shot.

“We went to take Wyatt to get some vaccinations […] and Wyatt doesn’t cry when he gets his shot.

“But I turn around when Wyatt got his first shot and Benjamin is weeping and he’s become this big softy,” he said.

When asked by Ellen if he would consider getting back together with Maisani, Copper quickly shot down any ideas with a swift “No”.

Cooper and Maisani broke up back in March 2018.

Wyatt Morgan Cooper was born on Monday (27 April 2020) and shares the same name as Anderson’s father, who sadly passed away when he was just 10-years-old. The news anchor announced the birth of his son live on CNN (30 April 2020).

We stan this beautiful co-parenting dynamic.

Watch the full interview below