The recently out actress was incredibly enthusiastic when the prospect of them playing an LGBTQ superhero was brought up.

Comic books surrounding superheroes are doing brilliant with LGBTQ representation recently with Iceman recently hooking up with Pyro, and the news that the openly gay superhero’s solo series was being revived.

Television is also making strides, especially with the announcement of the casting of Nicole Maines as television’s first transgender superhero in Supergirl.

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But one area that hasn’t been making strides is cinema. In recent Marvel movies like Thor: Ragnorak and Black Panther, two characters who were openly LGBTQ in the comics had scenes where their sexuality was explored cut.

And despite Ryan Reynolds expressing an interest in exploring Deadpool’s pansexuality, the only representation in mainstream movies has been the romance between Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio in the last Deadpool movie.

However, change might be on the way, as DC confirmed that Renee Montoya would be in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. Montoya is openly gay in the comics, but there hasn’t been confirmation as to whether she will be in the movie.

And when asked by the Press Associtation if they thought it was time for an LGBTQ superhero movie, Stenberg enthusiastically responded with: “Fuck yes. I would like that. It would be an honour to play that, it would be fantastic.”

Stenberg is about to star in The Darkest Minds, as a superhero. The Darkest Minds, which is due to release on 10 August, sees Stenberg star as Ruby Daly, a 15-year-old who developed superpowers after surviving a pandemic that wiped out 98% of people aged under 20.