“Thank you for all the messages and your deep evaluations of my life.”

Alexis Mateo has shared a powerful collage of hateful messages from so-called ‘fans’ of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The beloved performer has been targeted by online trolls since the events of last week’s All Stars 5, which saw her confront fellow contestant Miz Cracker over her – in the words of Mariah – “mental warfare” with Ongina.

The photo plasters vile comments such as “die”, “fake”, “bully”, “I hate you” and “kill yourself” over a picture of Alexis. In her caption, she wrote: “They stay skin deep for all of us, the human underneath the make up.

“Thank you for all the messages and your deep evaluations of my life. I will continue to know that is just a tv show and the I’m more valuable than this words. For you MY REAL fans thank you for your love and support. I love you all.”

Alexis’ post received an overwhelming amount of support from fans and Drag Race alumni, including Michelle Visage.

“Honey, I’m called most of those words WEEKLY (not exaggerating) and the advice I give is this: KNOW YOUR WORTH. You KNOW who you are, they do NOT,” said Michelle. “You are special in every way and do not EVER let them dull your sparkle! BAM!”

Shea Couleé commented: “I am here to say that I LOVE you. You continue to be an amazing sister and inspiration. Our bond goes so much deeper than this show. You are an Icon, Legend, and ALL STAR.”

Peppermint said: “It’s so sad to me that fans take the show so personally but dont want to acknowledge the humanity of the girls on the show. As we see here you are so loved. Thank you for your Grace charm honestly and guidance.”


On season 10, The Vixen memorably called out how the fandom treat queens of colour in comparison to their white counterparts, which was praised by fellow contestants such as Shea, Monét X Change and Asia O’Hara.

After her stint on the same season, Asia was threatened to be burned alive by ‘fans’ because of her skin colour, and season 11 competitor Silky Nutmeg Ganache later revealed that racist trolls sent death threats to her family and friends.

When we spoke to Silky, she said: “Until the producers put their foot down and offer more assistance that this going to continue to happen. People do not deserve to be treated this way. What is it going to take? Is it going to take a queen to kill herself?”

Asia also told us: “I think that the people who are in a position to influence should take some responsibility. These people have the power to influence a large number of people and they need to take that seriously.

“I think the people that are in a position to influence these people and their minds need to step up to the plate. Those who not affected by it are the ones who should be made accountable for the people who follow them spouting this negativity.”

Drag Race recently condemned hate towards the contestants, writing on Instagram: “If you post hateful, racist comments, you will be blocked. There is no room in this fandom for anything but positivity and encouragement for ALL of our Queens.”


The first three episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 are now available to stream in the UK on Netflix.