Alaska is another iconic RuPaul’s Drag Race champion who wasn’t asked to be part of the franchise’s first ever winners’ season.

As one of the most popular contestants of all time and the winner of (arguably) Drag Race’s most revered season, All Stars 2, it seemed inevitable that Alaska would sashay back into the werkroom to compete for a second crown.

However, the star recently revealed on an episode of her podcast, Race Chaser, which she hosts with season four’s Willam, that she was “apprehensive” about watching All Stars 7 because she was snubbed by the producers.

“When I wasn’t asked to be on it, I was very, very emotional and I was very, very hurt and sad by that,” she revealed.

“I was like, ‘Is this going to be too hard? Is it going to be really difficult for me to even watch and talk about it?’ And I just have to say that it’s really so incredible, and I’m so glad that this is happening.

“I’m so glad that this is happening with these girls. [With] the energy of nobody is going home, everyone is just [delivering] fucking home run after home run.”

Willam, who expressed interest in returning for All Stars last year, then shared the following theory as to why Alaska wasn’t contacted for the season…

“They want you competing against Sharon Needles, and Sharon Needles is not allowed on TV right now because people would scream and protest,” she replied, alluding to the season four winner’s various controversies.

“Once she is allowed on TV again, maybe in a few years, you’ll be back to compete with her. Because they want that personal relationship between you two on display. They want to milk it.

“They want to use your personal relationship. And they can’t do that right now, so that’s why you were not asked to be there.”

Alaska’s comments arrive a few weeks after Bob the Drag Queen, who memorably conquered the eighth season, informed fans that she was “not busy” when All Stars 7 filmed and “did not get a call” from producers.

“They did not reach out to me,” she said on the Patreon-exclusive version of the Sibling Rivalry podcast, “So I want everyone to know: I was free as a bird with its tail in the breeze. I was helping Monét get ready, actually.”

The eight queens who were asked to compete for the coveted title of “Queen of Queens” and the series’ largest cash prize ever at $200,000 are as follows: Jaida Essence Hall, Jinkx Monsoon, Monet X Change, Raja, Shea Couleé, Trinity the Tuck, The Vivienne and Yvie Oddly.

The first three episodes of All Stars 7 have been met with critical acclaim, with the second episode – which saw the queens flex their best impersonations for the Snatch Game – becoming the series’ highest rated episode of all time on IMDB.

The brand new twist has also been met with praise. For the first time ever, none of the contestants will hear the dreaded “sashay away” from RuPaul.

Instead, the top two All Stars of the week will be awarded a Legendary Legend Star and the winner of the lip-sync for your legacy will, as per, earn a $10,000 tip and the power to “block” one of the six safe queens with the Platinum Plunger; meaning she’ll be prevented from winning a star the following week – even if she wins the challenge.

All Stars 7 will culminate with the four queens who have collected the most Legendary Legend Stars lip-syncing for the crown.

The season, which is due to run for 12 episodes, premieres every Friday in the UK on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus.