Alan Carr and Paul Drayton

Back in January, Alan Carr married his long-term boyfriend, Paul Drayton, in a private ceremony. And now, the comedian has opened up about why he decided to get married.

Speaking to The Times, Carr said that it was a growing hostility towards the LGBTQ community in certain parts of the world that prompted him to accept Drayton’s proposal.

“I think over the last two years there has been a real nastiness with Trump, with ISIS throwing gays off roofs, with Russia saying gay people are mentally ill.

“You can sort of see the enemy now.”

“I was never going to get married, but now there are people out there who hate you, so [I thought] fuck it — I’m going to get married.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Carr confirmed that he and Drayton still didn’t want to have children, and that he felt “sorry” for people who are camp, because of the way that society treats them.

“It gets looked down upon, it’s seen as very frivolous and throw-away.

“British people do love camp, but when it is incorporated into a male persona, they are like, ‘Oh have a day off.'” Carr then added that when people are flamboyant, others “think you are a moron.”

Carr then reflected on growing up, and watching himself back in a performance when he nine years old. “I had never seen myself before and I was basically voguing my way through Macbeth.

“It was like a punch in the stomach. I thought: ‘That’s why people are calling me ‘bender’.”

However, Carr was able to turn this into a strength, saying: “People laughed at me, not with me.

“When you look like this and have this voice, you have to turn a negative into a positive; you sort of make the jokes before anyone else does.”