Aja’s new music video is a fierce AF double feature.

The former Drag Race contestant and queer artist unleashed their brilliant debut EP In My Feelings earlier this year, which saw them spit witty bars and sprinkle effortless pop culture references over some of the sickest beats you’ll hear all year.

After blessing the world with glossy music videos for Finish Her!, Brujería and I Don’t Wanna Brag, Aja is back with another gag-worthy clip – except this time, we’re getting a two-in-one extravaganza for Bitch I’m Kawaii and Ayo Sis.

The video begins with a pastel-hued anime fantasy to the sound of Kawaii, before bursting into the effortless rap of Ayo Sis, with Aja flirting with a number of attractive suitors both in and out of drag.

Speaking to Billboard, Aja said the video was about “taking the feminine traits of any person and showing how beautiful they could be”, and highlighted the use of trans actors and dancers to provide representation for queer relationships.

“I wanted people to see different kinds of relationships in the Ayo Sis portion, because when you watch it you just see couples. You don’t necessarily have to label them as anything,” they said.

“I hope people learn from this video that I’m obsessed with cute things. But more importantly, that trans relationships and queer relationships are very valid. Love shouldn’t have a label.”

Watch the video for I’m Kawaii / Ayo Sis below.

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