The Strictly star has already shown support for same-sex dancing on the show.

The debate around same-sex dancing on Strictly Come Dancing has been raging on for some time now, with various judges and pro dancers throwing their support behind the idea.

Strictly finally took a sort of plunge last year with plenty of group dances having same-sex pairings, including an incredible routine featuring AJ Pritchard and Gorka Márquez.

And speaking to the MailOnline, AJ confirmed that if Strictly did make the move to introduce same-sex couples, he wanted to be the first pro dancer to do it.

“If they do decide to finally do same-sex partners on Strictly this year, I 100 percent want to be the pro to do it,” he said. “If it’s going to be anyone [in a same-sex pairing], I’d like it to be me.”

However, he didn’t confirm that he would be dancing with a male this series, saying: “I guess it all depends on who the celebrity contestants are this year… so I think we have to wait and see.”

Earlier this year, AJ announced that same-sex dancing would be featured in his dance tour, Get On The Floor!

“With dance you definitely want to see a classic waltz, for example, with a male and female. It’s traditional. But we will be doing a guys’ section. Because it’s not about gender. It’s about movement to music.

“And it’s very powerful to see two guys creating a strong impact doing a Stomp The Yard-type routine. It’s about creating art on a floor.

“Sometimes it’s more powerful to see that than watching a guy and a girl dance.”

AJ echoed this sentiment in his interview for Gay Times in our latest issue saying: “I think for me, whether it be male dancers or female dancers, whatever it is, the empowerment, and movement to music is so much more powerful – especially when you see two guys dancing together, that strength that can be created.

“That can’t always be created when it is a male and a female dance through the traditional styles of a waltz – it can be very calming. Whereas when you want to portray a stronger story having two guys together hitting it to the music, for me, it is one of the strongest things you can see.”

And on whether same-sex dancing will eventually make it to Strictly, he said: “I think it will happen.”