She may have left much sooner than she – or fans – anticipated, but make no mothertucking mistake: Aiden Zhane left her mark on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12.

Week after week, the “in-ZHANE!” performer provided viewers with her unique brand of spook on the runway and obliterated Monét X Change’s status as the show’s reigning pussycat wig queen with her now-infamous, Rose McGowan-esque do.

After earning her best critiques of the season with her performance in the longest-running drag queen medical drama in history, Gay’s Anatomy, Aiden sadly failed to maintain momentum with her Patricia Quinn impersonation in Snatch Game.

Following negative critiques on the main stage and an explosive lip sync (literally) against Brita to the Frozen classic Let It Go, Aiden became the fourth queen to sashay away from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12.

“I feel fine. It’s not the ideal situation. Nobody goes into a competition wanting to go home before the end but I am confident I made my mark,” Aiden tells Gay Times shortly after her elimination.  

“I wouldn’t say that I expected one way or the other to go home. It is such a crazy moment in general. I was just focused on that moment. I just knew I was lip syncing and I would do what I could to stay.”

Although she didn’t reach the final like she hoped, Aiden is satisfied with her run on the show.

“I feel good about my performance. There will be things you wish you could do better, but at the end of the day I am proud of what I was able to show,” she says. “I left my mark with what I was able to do with my time.”

Despite the past few weeks of Drag Race Untucked focusing on Aiden’s conflict with her fellow competitors, especially Brita, the star admits the last two episodes have been her “favourite moments to watch this season so far.”

“I live for drama,” she explains, before sending the following message to Drag Race fans who feel the need to spew hate to the season 12 queens on social media: “We all lived it so you can enjoy it. So please enjoy the drama, because I know I am!”

Since filming season 12, the cast has bonded. According to Aiden, “we all got in a group chat and we have talked every day since the show. Any tensions we had on the show have since disappeared and we are all friends now.”

When it comes to her favourite moment of the experience, Aiden reveals: “The opportunity to have an amazing platform and display what I love doing to the world. It is the number one reason I did this to get to do what I do in front of the world.”

On next week’s episode of Drag Race season 12, the nine remaining competitors will star in Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical, with special guest judges Winnie Harlow and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

All six episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 are available to stream now on Netflix UK.

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