Adele is releasing music this year!

The iconic singer-songwriter’s manager Jonathan Dickens told Music Week that Adele will finally drop her long-awaited fourth studio album before 2020 is over, adding, ‘The sooner [it comes out] the better”.

It’s been five years since her last album 25 was released. The critically-acclaimed record reached number one in a whopping 32 countries and became the world’s best-selling album of 2015, so expectations are high for the follow-up.

And the world is clearly hungry for new Adele music – last year alone there were rumours of potential collaborations with pop superstar Lady Gaga, legendary singer Beyonce and even rapper Nicki Minaj as fans clutched at straws for new music.

Adele’s LGBTQ fans in particular have been especially impatient. When she turned up at a gay bar with Jennifer Lawrence, it became one of the most talked-about moments of the year.

The singer last spoke about new music in May last year as she turned 31, addressing some personal struggles before joking: “Bunch of fucking savages, 30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you.”

Honestly, we’d take anything right now.