As much as the Academy Awards is about honouring the best in filmmaking, the show itself is prime opportunity for attendees to make a fashion statement – something Adam Rippon took full advantage of.

The openly gay Olympic figure skater rocked up to the Oscars wearing a super suave tuxedo, complete with a leather harness, looking hella good on the red carpet in the process.

The outfit caused a bit of a stir online, with a majority of the reaction being positive. But as always, there were a few haters in the mix.

Seeing the response, Adam wrote a message to his followers on Twitter outlining his decision to wear the harness.

“I think fashion is all about self expression and I chose to wear what I wore on the red carpet because I felt cool AF,” he tweeted.

“Everyone should take risks, be bold, and not give a [shit]. It’s LOTS of fun. Huge thanks to my team for dressing me and make me feel like a sexy MF.”

When he looks that good, no-one can argue with his logic.

The athlete was also a big winner at the Oscars, as he managed to track down his celebrity crush Shawn Mendes at an afterparty.

The 28-year-old figure skater became the first openly gay athlete from Team USA to qualify for the games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, earning a bronze medal in the men’s individual with a stunning performance to Coldplay’s O.

His relationship with fellow out athlete Gus Kensworthy also made headlines when they shared a kiss in defiance of US Vice President Mike Pence – and the internet went wild.

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