Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon has been honoured with Person of the Year by Outsports.

The 29-year-old made history earlier this year by becoming the first openly gay man to qualify for the US in the Winter Olympics.

Ever since, he’s become a notable personality in the entertainment industry and a champion for LGBTQ equality, and has taken a defiant stance against Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

Adam made history again when he became the first openly gay man to win the US version of Dancing with the Stars.

“Today Rippon is charting a course virtually unheard of in the sports world,” wrote Outsports. “He has used his unabashed wit, handsome smile, and unending determination to forge a path for himself that is shaping up to be unlike anything we’ve seen from a former athlete.

“In addition to wowing America with his medal-winning free skate in the team competition at the Winter Olympics, this year Rippon won Dancing With The Stars, stirred political conversation around LGBTQ rights and the White House, worked the red carpet at the Oscars, acted in an episode of Will & Grace, was a guest on seemingly countless news and talk shows, and most recently returned to the ice for a Christmas TV special.”

When Outsports spoke to Adam, he said: “Winning is a huge part of sports, and medaling is incredible, it’s amazing.

“But the point of sports is to go into the gym or onto the ice every day and better yourself. That’s the whole point of life. I’m able to look at my sports career and be proud of it, because I got the real point of it all.”

He also reflected on his decision to retire from professional figure skating.

“I’ve spent 20 of my 29 hears focused on one thing,” Adam explained. “[This year] I’ve had moments of uncertainty because I’m leaping into the unknown. I’ve had the chance to try so many different things, and I’ve never done this stuff before, so it’s been a little scary.

“I’ll always be an athlete at heart, but I’ve also always felt I was an entertainer. I love making people laugh. So being able to do something that’s always been a dream of mine, I feel like that’s my true calling.”