Now we can all get a Queer Eye makeover!

The revival of Queer Eye was one of Netflix’s biggest successes, especially as the critically acclaimed series recently received four Emmy nominations.

Unfortunately the Fab Five seem to only operate in America, bar the one time they visited Australia, so hopes of getting a Queer Eye makeover are low.

However, it could still be possible to get that makeover, just not in the way that you’re imagining. It’s been confirmed that the Fab Five are working on a new self-help book, titled Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life.

The book will be separated into five different sections, which will be based off their respective specialties. So, the food section will be written by Antoni, the Grooming section by Jonathan etc..

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Much like the television series, the book will feature “hip tips” and “five-minute make betters” for those in a rush. And as well as writing their own section, each member will also comment on each other’s section, so for example some members might share their favourite recipes in Antoni’s section.

Speaking to People, Karamo Brown (Culture) said: “This is a book that’s for the fans of the show. If you love Queer Eye, you’re going to love this book.”

Bobby Berk (Design) added: “We’re giving our fans the alternate content that they asked for in a really cool way where they can sit and have a nice intimate moment with it at home.”

Tan France (Fashion) hoped that the book would help people better understand each member, saying: “I love that the audience who reads this book will get a greater insight into things that we did on the show but for me, it’s way more about them getting to know us more.

“I think the reason why this show has been so successful is they’re not just connecting with the heroes, they’re connecting with us five.”

Queer Eye was recently renewed for its third season, but this time there’s one small difference. The Fab Five will no longer be in Georgia, as they’re heading to to Kansas City, Missouri. No further details have yet been announced.

Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life will be released on 13 November.