A music superstar returned in this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

This year’s run of the hit anthology series – can you believe we’re eight seasons in already? – is offering fan service in droves as it unites characters from across the show’s history to prepare for the end of the world (literally).

Reigning supreme witch, Cordelia, has spent the last couple of episodes rounding up fan favourites from Coven (season three) including Madison and Queenie, and this week the previously confirmed lineup was complete with the return of Lily Rabe’s Misty Day.

(We’re still keeping our fingers crossed that Jamie Brewer and Angela Bassett will make a surprise return for a true Coven reunion, but alas.)

Prior to this week, Misty had spent years locked away in her own personal hell, in which she repeatedly had to dissect a live frog in a classroom full of gawking students and an unsympathetic teacher.

But that eternal damnation finally came to an end as Michael Langdon (who, for all intents and purposes, is the anti-christ in human form) descended into hell and rescued Misty from her suffering in order to prove his power to Cordelia.

While the witches were understandably cautious over Michael’s immense powers, Cordelia decided a celebration was in order to welcome Misty back, and called upon none other than Stevie “White Witch” Nicks to perform.

The Fleetwood Mac legend made a cameo as herself back in season three (Coven) much to superfan Misty’s delight, so her appearance this week wasn’t too much of a surprise, but it’s still a thrill to see a real-life superstar cross over into the American Horror Story universe.

“Hello, witches,” she says upon her dramatic entrance. “This is for you, Misty.” Is Stevie trying to snatch Emma Roberts’ crown for the most gag-worthy comeback on the show? Either way, it’s already iconic.

Watch a clip of Stevie Nicks performing Fleetwood Mac’s Gypsy below.