Amateur LEGO designer Mark Fitzpatrick has submitted the idea of a Will & Grace-themed LEGO set on the LEGO Ideas website.

A description of the set reads: “Explore Will Truman’s apartment at 9C, 155 Riverside Drive and recreate your favourite moments from this award-winning comedy series.

“Featuring Will, Grace, Jack and Karen minifigures, Will’s apartment is brimming with familiar furniture, objects and spaces.”

However, for LEGO to consider making the set a reality, the idea needs to get 10,000 signatures of support. At the time of writing, the set has 680 supporters, and 414 days left until it fails.

In the past, Fitzpatrick has attempted to bring a RuPaul’s Drag Race-themed set to life, but sadly it failed to get picked up.

On his set, Fitzpatrick said: “I really wanted to create and share another LGBTQI friendly concept, knowing how important positive, fun representation means to so many in our community.

“I enjoyed sharing my last concept so much and received such a warm, genuinely positive reaction for LEGO lovers all over the world, I couldn’t wait to sink my creative chops into another design.

“I’ve always enjoyed Will & Grace and think a LEGO set based on this globally-loved, multi-award-winning comedy would make good commercial sense for LEGO and provide hours of building and play fun for fans all around the world.

“At its heart, this sitcom is a celebration of friendship through thick and thin. It values individuality and love and it helped pave the way for greater mainstream representation of LGBT lives.

“All of these qualities inspire me and encouraged me to celebrate it, as it approaches its 10th season, through this LEGO project.”

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