Warwick Rowers: “We’re used to being naked in the locker room and showers”

We’ve got a sudden urge to join our local rowing club…

The Warwick Rowers have become a household name for gay men around the world, but unlike other sports calendars, these athletes don’t just tolerate their LGBTQ fanbase – they embrace them and their struggles with open arms.

“This is about heterosexual men confronting their privilege, and recognising the different deals that women and LGBTQ communities get in our society,” the calendar’s producer, Angus Malcolm, tells Gay Times.

“They’re calling for radical change through a very public yet intimate act of protest.”

Sales from the calendar and other merchandise helps provide funding for Sport Allies, a charity which attempts to tackle homophobia in sport and encourage inclusivity for LGBTQ people and women.

A worthy cause, then. But surely the rowers must still get nervous stripping naked in front of each other?

“Mostly it’s fine and doesn’t feel awkward at all. We’re all used to [being naked together] in the locker room and showers,” explains Lucas Etienne, who’s been part of the team for three years now.

“What’s awkward is getting naked in front of camera. Every year it’s a bit strange for ten minutes, but we shoot for ten days so the vast majority of it everyone’s happy going around with no clothes.

“There’s a mutual respect and openness between the guys who’ve done the calendar together that you don’t get with people who haven’t. We’ve seen each other in our weakest state, so there’s quite literally nothing else to hide!”

You can read the full interview with Angus and Lucas in the new issue of Gay Times, as well as see more pictures of the talented rowers.

You can buy a copy from our newly-launched Gay Times store here.



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