Colton Haynes’ fiancé had an unexpected reaction to his Billy Eichner sex scene

Instagram / FOX

He found it… funny?

Viewers were left thirsty after Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner’s characters had sex on-screen during American Horror Story last week, and it seems Colton’s fiancé Jeff Leatham didn’t mind watching, either.

“I just showed him [the scene] in the car and he was laughing,” Colton revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “He loves Billy Eichner and so do I.”

He continued: “Jeff’s so used to it. That’s my job. We had protection on. We had clothes on and it’s just fun. Billy and I laughed the entire time… it was awkward. So awkward, but we got through it.”

The actor also promised that there’s plenty more on-screen love-making to come (pun most definitely intended) this season, “with multiple cast members, some you would never expect”.

As long as Colton and Billy are part of them, we’ll be watching.

You can re-watch their (brief but hot) sex scene here.

Colton recently revealed the story of how he and Jeff became a couple, explaining how they’d talked on Instagram for months before bumping into each other at an airport and hitting it off.

“After passing post it notes back and forth and sending Champagne love letters, Jeff asked me to come cuddle with him on the plane & from that day on my life has forever been changed,” he recalled.

“There aren’t words to express how kind, loving, beautiful, & talented this man is and I’m so lucky to get to spend not just his birthday with him…but also life with him. You’re my rock. I love you.”

Colton introduced the world to his partner on Valentine’s Day this year, and just a month later the couple had gotten engaged with the help of pop icon Cher.



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