LINA: “I’d go to the end of the world to show my support for the LGBT+ community”


She shot to fame after winning Israel’s biggest TV talent show The Voice, and has gone on to receive acclaim from Alicia Keys and opened for Queen and Adam Lambert.

Now, as she releases her brand new single I Wore It Better, LINA’s heading to the UK to support Little Mix on all 37 arena dates of their Glory Days tour, which she describes as “a dream come true”.

We caught up with the talented singer-songwriter to talk hitting the road, her support for LGBT+ fans, and new music…

How are you feeling about supporting Little Mix on their Glory Days tour?
I’m super excited! I love Little Mix, and it’s truly a dream come true for me.

Their fans are known for being incredibly supportive. Does that make you excited to head out on the road?
Oh my god, they are so supportive and loving! The love that they show me on stage and on social media is unconditional. I’m so grateful.

Is the idea of playing large arenas daunting?
Not at all! I love being on stage, it feels like home to me. A wild LINA comes out while performing and the bigger the crowd is, the better!

You’ve got quite an impressive list of supporters, including Will Smith and Alicia Keys. It must be great to have such support from big names in the industry?
It’s unbelievable. You know, I’m a really big fan of both Alicia Keys and Will Smith, I grew up watching and listening to them and they sure did influence my music. On my first audition on The Voice I sang Alicia Keys’s Empire State Of Mind, so it was crazy when she posted my video and said how much she loved my voice. It was a magical closure!

How much impact does YouTube have on your success in the main music industry? Are the two linked?
We live in an era where social media rules… So yes, YouTube is linked, and so is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We’ve got to talk about performing with Queen and Adam Lambert. How was it working with such an iconic pairing?
It was amazing! That was the first time I performed in front of such a big crowd; 57,000 people and it was beautiful. I still can’t believe that I shared a stage with the biggest rock bands of all times and with one of the most talented singers on our time. Crazy.

Adam’s working as an out and proud artist paves the way for so many others. Do you think it’s important for artists to be open and honest about their sexuality?
Always. Although it’s a personal matter, artists don’t get to have such a personal life and we have such a great impact on others, so why not use it to spread love, confidence, and hope? I think that’s an artist’s duty.

Do you believe the music industry encourages and supports artists to be honest about their sexuality?
I believe it does. And even if it doesn’t, always follow your inner truth and be honest. Through the years I’ve learned that nothing can beat the truth, and if you stick with it you’ll always turn out to be a winner.

Many allies have begun writing songs about LGBT+ rights. Would you be interested in that?
I’m a big supporter of the LGBT+ community and I’d go to the end of the world to show my support. I just headlined Mr. Gay World Southern Africa! I took it as a personal mission to support freedom, love, and equality. So yes!

Let’s talk music. What can you tell us about your new single I Wore It Better?
Oh my god, I love this single. I’m performing it every night on The Glory Days Tour and I couldn’t be more proud of this new baby of mine! I co-wrote it with the insanely talented Bhavik Pattani, Josef Melin, and Hiten Bharadia. It’s a super fun song that talks about overcoming the disappointment and heartbreak of seeing your ex with their new crush, who is wearing your favourite sweater. It explores how that makes you feel, the memories, the pain but ends with positive and empowering feelings.

What do you hope fans take from the song?
Although the song is fun in nature, it also sends a message to young people to have confidence in themselves. Relationships can be hard and turbulent, especially when you’re young, and I think it’s important to empower young people with a strong message. Even if you feel down and sad, try to stay positive!

We worked with director Yaya Gadon and producer Damian Todd (also responsible for Adele’s Skyfall video) to create a colourful and uplifting video, so go watch it and let me know what you think!



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