Randy Rainbow tears into Trump in latest priceless parody – watch


Randy’s back, and his latest Trump parody is better than ever…

Randy Rainbow has proven to be one of our favourite YouTubers, with his brilliant parodies in which he tears into the current President of the United States.

Much like his Unpopular song, Randy starts off interviewing Trump about his “rough week”, which has managed to last a “year.”

They move onto Trump’s responses to the recent hurricanes in Texas and Louisana, before finally mentioning Puerto Rico.

And that’s when Randy’s signature magic begins.

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Parodying the summer hit Despacito, the song’s lyrics begin with: “Screwin’ it up since the election,” before moving onto one of the best lines ever in any song: “You’re more abnormal than your pumpkin-like complexion.”

But it’s the chorus where Randy really delivers, calling Trump a “Desperate Cheeto.” – why have none of us ever called him this before?

Randy also takes on the President’s Twitter habits singing: “Getting worse with every stupid tweet-o” and “Go to your account and please just hit delete-o.”

But don’t let us spoil the whole song for you, watch it below. We promise you won’t regret it.



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