Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street explores the gay undertones of the classic movie

The new documentary delves into the reactions to the homoerotic undertones found in film and how it affected its star Mark Patton.

As well as looking at the seminal slasher sequel, the documentary also explores Hollywood in the 80s where being gay could cost you your career.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge sparked controversy at the time because of its gay subtexts. The relationship between the lead character Jesse [Mark Patton] and his gay sports coach, which included a run-in at a gay bar, was just one of the less-than-subtle hints.

In 1985 being gay in Hollywood could cost you your career. Now 30 years later, Scream, Queen! is asking why?

The production team have turned to Kickstarter, reaching out to horror fans and gay advocates alike, in order to ensure the film is polished with the level of quality that it deserves.

Having already raised over $10,000, the campaign still needs a little under $40,000.

“I want to tell the younger people who love the 80s so much, that if you had been born then it wasn’t exactly what it looks like. That’s why we are doing this documentary,” actor Mark Patton explained.

Freddy actor Robert Englund said: “The fear that swept over everyone at the beginning of the AIDS plague shut many doors. I saw this happen and this fear manifested into homophobia. People did go back into the closet in great numbers.”

Make sure you get over to their Kickstarter to support this fantastic looking documentary.

Words Max Ramsay



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