Princess Diana will sing about meeting AIDS patients in new Broadway musical – exclusive

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The incoming new Broadway show will also feature leading figures from the Royal Family, but not her children. Her death will also not be included.

Diana, Princess of Wales, will find her her marriage to Prince Charles played out in a new stage musical – brought together by Bon Jovi’s David Bryan and writer Joe DiPietro.

In London to officially open the West End transfer of their award-winning musical The Toxic Avenger, the pair confirmed exclusively to Gay Times that a large part of their musical, Diana, will have its title star sing about meeting AIDS patients.

“Oh yes, that is in the show,” boldly confirms Joe when asked if Diana’s activism in the fight against the AIDS epidemic will be included.

“What I love about Diana, both the musical and the person, was her sense of empathy was almost supernatural. I read this great quote that said if she walked into a room, she’d always gravitate towards the saddest person there. I thought, oh my God is that a great quality!

“We really will show how her huge heart, which was often timed and belittled by the Royal Family, actually changed the world about how we view charity and how we view charitable giving. What she did going to hospitals and seeing everyone – she was the first really major celebrity to go to an AIDS ward and shake hands.”

Joe adding that the title character’s visit to an AIDS ward will be brought together in a song: “Oh yeah – we have a whole scene and song in it!”

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Laughing at the nervous attitudes that come almost immediately from British people when either of them mention the idea of the show, Joe and David tell of their love and admiration for the former British princess.

“It’s a human story. That’s the approach as the politicalness of it we don’t feel,” musician David begins. “Everybody over in America, over the pond, when you say ‘Diana’ they go ‘Oh my God, that’s great, that’s unbelievable’. Over here they go, ‘Hmmm. What story are you going to tell?'”

“In America, we think of her, Diana, as this unbelievable person and princess,” explains Joe.

“David and I, we approached from a human way with these two people (Charles and Diana) in this pretty terrible marriage. It always struck me that all she wanted was for her husband to love her. The entire world loved her, but he didn’t, and it really drove her a little bit.”

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The pair also confirming the musical will not include her death or her children – Prince William and Prince Harrry.

“This musical, called Diana – brilliantly – focuses on their marriage,” explains Joe. “There’s four main characters: Diana, Prince Charles, The Queen and Camilla. There’s no Fergie or anyone else. The children are mentioned but never seen.”

Revealing they’re eyeing a West End run for Diana, with a pre-Broadway engagement locked in for next season, talk turns to how Princess Diana will sound. Bon Jovi’s David Bryan the man tasked with such a job.

“Every time Diana sings her song, it’s rock from the 80s,” he starts. “Any time the royalty sing, it’s like a stringed quartet – but in a contemporary song. Any time the paparazzi come out, I have it as punk.

The Toxic Avenger

However their attention remains, for now, on the ever-growing success and West End transfer of their all-green musical, The Toxic Avenger.

“We hope people will laugh their asses off,” smiles Joe. “Honestly, it’s a love story and it’s a warning against global warming, but it’s ultimately about wanting you to have an outrageous, shocking and really, really great time.”

David in agreement: “It’s comey therapy. It’s about forgetting about the real world and laugh your face off. You’re engaged and forgetting about the world. I love it!  It’s fucking funny as hell!”

The Toxic Avenger is now playing at London’s Arts Theatre. More information can be found here



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