Harry Judd tells us what he really thinks of explicit messages from gay fans

Jon Enoch / Gay Times

Allies like Harry Judd continue to play an important role in the modern gay rights movement.

Drawing on his own experience battling anxiety and stress at the height of his fame as one-fourth of McFly, Harry’s new book Get Fit, Get Happy takes an unexpected approach to fitness.

“I wanted this to be an accessible fitness book that takes the pressure out of getting fit,” he tells Gay Times in the new issue. “Hopefully people will do it and find they feel happier and more positive and want to keep doing it.”

He’s keen, though, to stress that it’s not how we look on the outside that ought to be our motivator when it comes to fitness, but rather the positive impact going to the gym and keeping a routine can have on our mental wellbeing.

To download your copy of the October issue of Gay Times, click here.

“The main reason I train is to make myself feel better,” he adds. “Exercise has really helped regulate my stress. It’s helped me cope with with anxiety much better because it’s given me a really good focus in life.”

Keeping fit does have its benefits and Harry is appreciative of the feedback he gets from his gay fans around the world, noting that, while his female fans are adoring, his gay fans get a little more explicit in their praise.

“I’m lying there at home with my wife, looking at Twitter and reading out all this explicit stuff that guys have sent me. She just laughs, but I feel grateful to be liked and accepted by Gay Times readers.”

Good to hear.

You can read our full interview with Harry Judd in this month’s issue of Gay Times and Harry’s book, Get Fit, Get Happy is out on 19 October.

To download your copy of the October issue of Gay Times, click here.



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