Here’s a first look at Tina Fey’s Mean Girls Broadway musical in action…

Mary Ellen Matthews

Come on loser, we’ve got a preview to show you…

It’s been swirling around the rumour mill for years, but it’s finally happening – and now we’ve our first look at Broadway’s incoming Mean Girls musical in action.

Taylor Louderman will star as leader Regina George alongside Kate Rockwell as Karen Smith and Ashley Park as neurotic Gretchen Wieners – replacing the movies big hitters Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

This newly released clip, which includes a personal invite from the Plastics to attend the musical, gives us a first look at the ladies in action – plus a few lines of, interesting, singing.

“Wait, come here. I want to tell you something. First of all, I really like your hair colour,” the ladies begin. “We want to invite you to see Mean Girls.

“It’s a musical. People talk and sing and move their bodies at the same time.”

Ending with: “I’m talking and I’m singing at the same time. Like that…”

“Taylor Louderman not only has this giant voice and great comic timing, but she instinctively understood the idea of Regina George, that there’s power in making people come to you,” Tina Fey told EW of her new musical leading lady.

“She knows exactly when to play things really small, and there’s so much power in it, and I think she’s at times so wonderfully scary but so funny.”

Adding: “Kate Rockwell so quickly found the zone of the sweetness that’s at the core of Karen. And Ashley has this incredible, beautiful voice, but also this nice timing and this fragility of Gretchen, because Gretchen’s, like…just barely hanging on to her status and her sanity.”

The musical will make a stop on its way to Broadway at the DC National Theatre from 31 October before heading to the Great White Way. And yes, we’ve already demanded a West End transfer for the Plastics.

EW / Mary Ellen Matthews

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Tina Fey, who wrote the 2004 hit movie, will adapt the screenplay to the stage, while her husband Jeff Richmond, who just so happens to be a composer, will write the score for the show, and Nell Benjamin will provide lyrics.

However, there sadly won’t be a song called Fetch, but there is “a juicy extended revenge sequence in act two for Regina”.

13 years have passed since Mean Girls first entered the pop culture hall of fame, and we still have so many unanswered questions – will Fetch ever happen? Is butter really a carb? Does she even go here?

We can’t wait to see how that this all turns out… Ticket, please!

More information on Mean Girls can be found here.



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