Which fictional male character do men fancy the most?

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The Top 5 might surprise you…

Despite only 50% of British people saying they’d admit to having a crush on a fictional character, according to a new survey at least 70% said that they actually do.

But which male character is the one men fancy the most?

After Foxy Bingo asked over a thousand men in a Censuswide survey, one in ten admitted that Spider-Man is the male fictional character they think is the sexiest.

One in ten men admitted to fancying the web-slinging hero, who is currently being portrayed on the big screen by British actor Tom Holland.

Hard to see why…


In second place is Mr Darcy from Jane Austen’s 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice, who was played by Colin Firth in the 1995 BBC adaptation.

In third place is Frosties mascot Tony the Tiger, while Mr Muscle is just behind in fourth.

The Old Spice Guy – played by former NFL star Isaiah Amir Mustafa – completes the Top 5.

Further down, the Foxy Bingo fox landed in seventh place, saying of his placement: “WAHEY! I’ll have that!”

As for other bizarre placings, Chewbacca, Uncle Ben and Barry Scott the Cillit Bang guy all placed on the list.

Oh and here’s one more statistic for you: 27% of men said they fancied a fictional character based on what they imagine they’d be like in bed. So there you go.



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