Watch Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver get it on in a new clip from Teen Wolf



As Teen Wolf heads into its final few episodes ever (sob), it looks like they’ve saved some of the best scenes until last.

Colton Haynes has returned to the series as Jackson, but this time out he’s getting frisky with Charlie Carver’s Ethan in the MTV drama.

The couple are now based in London and have a pretty swish apartment facing Big Ben, but that doesn’t mean danger can’t still reach them.

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Jackson pulls out all his kick-ass moves in this clip from an upcoming episode which will air in the US on 10 September, saving his boyfriend Ethan in the process.

Oh and then they kiss in what will probably go down as one of Teen Wolf’s hottest ever scenes.

Speaking about Jackson’s newly-revealed sexuality, Colton said: “It makes total sense. That’s why Jackson carried around that angst.”

Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis made the decision that Jackson was gay years ago, telling EW: “I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy.

“Whether that means he’s bisexual or gay, that’s how he’s returning. I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.”

Teen Wolf airs on Sundays at 8pm ET on MTV in the US.

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