Teen angst and online hook-ups: Watch three new clips from gay film Beach Rats


Beach Rats is one of the most anticipated LGBT+ movies of the year.

After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January this year – and receiving rave reviews from critics – US distributors Neon have announced that the flick will hit cinemas in Autumn, and have shared an enticing trailer online.

Beach Rats tells the story of aimless youth Frankie (Harris Dickinson), who struggles to escape his bleak home life as he navigates sexuality and balances friendships, a potential new girlfriend, and the older men he meets online.

Eliza Hittman, who helmed the movie, won the award for Best Director in the US Dramatic Features category at Sundance, while the Daily Beast promised “hot and explicit gay sex”, so we’re expecting big things from this one.

Ahead of its release, Neon have shared three clips of the movie online which give us a glimpse into the toxic environment and people who keep Frankie in the closet.

In the first clip, he talks with one of the older men he’s met online, who tells him he can tell if he’s gay or not just by looking at his hands, at which point Frankie reminds him that he has a girlfriend.

“You already know the size of my dick,” he jokes. “Do you read palms?”

In the second clip, Frankie discusses same-sex kissing with a woman, asking her: “Do you think it’s hot when two guys make out?”

“No, it’s not hot, it’s just gay,” she replies. “Two girls can make out and it’s hot, but when two guys make out it’s gay.”

In the final clip, Frankie’s friends joke that he’s “not fucking her right” after seeing another man with his girlfriend.



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