NT’s The Majority brings democracy to the stage in exciting play – review

Ellie Kurttz

Following the acclaimed Bullet Catch in The Shed, Rob Drummond returns to the National Theatre with a new show about democracy.

The Majority charts Rob’s journey as he navigates the Scottish Independence Referendum, Brexit, Trump… and whatever today brings.

Democracy. It’s an ideal that we live every day. From every day decisions like what type of pizza you’re getting for dinner, to bigger decisions: who’s going to run the country. Those decisions tend to be made with the majority.

In a new twist on a traditional play, this is a play where parts of the main plot are decided by you, the audience. Upon entry you’re given a voting device. Press 1 for ‘Yes’. Press 2 for ‘No’. These are your only instructions as numerous moral predicaments are laid before you. The Majority – deciding on the path that this particular performance will take.

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Rob Drummond commands the stage. Surrounded on all sides in an intimate theatre, his presence is illuminating. This is not your typical theatrical experience for you directly affect Rob. As such, he interacts with everyone frequently.

Starting off the performance by getting to know everyone, every rule of the night is set by you as the audience. Do you allow latecomers? Do you allow an interval, hear certain stories or skip over them? Rob’s quick appraisal and reaction to results (some surprising) give those perfect moments. Demonstrating truly why nothing beats live theatre. Breaking down the barrier between performer and audience becomes almost second nature as the evening progresses.

Every performance will be different. The voting devices you’re given before entering are used throughout the performance. The direction dictated by the majority – though not all quandaries put to the audience affect the play. Often you find yourself learning more about those around you than the performance itself, and this can sometimes have the affect of hoping for the next vote, rather than paying attention to the storyline itself. That being said, re-creating the Scottish Referendum and Brexit vote among many others gives you a feel of whom you’re sharing the audience with. It’s an exhilarating feeling. Are you part of the majority? Do your responses to moral questions put before you match those around you?

Altogether, it’s both a fascinating and unusual night at the theatre. So book a ticket, take up your seat and make your vote count.

Gay Times gives The Majority – 4/5

More information can be found here.



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