Be a patriot! Check out the the best of British hotties at the 2017 World Athletics Championship

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God save the queen!

In the name of  supporting our magnificent country in these troubling times, the World Athletics Championship gives us a chance to redeem the world’s opinion of Britain, and what better way than to display our rawest, world-renowned talent?

In the spirit of getting to cheer for hot men in tight clothes on the TV (which feels entirely natural to us here in the office), we went out and did the most important leg work for you.

Enjoy and remember to drink plenty of water.

1. Jack Green – 400m Hurdles

#TBT to when I got naked in a cold warehouse

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For once I'm not having to wear a tracksuit!

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Sexy and sweaty, Jack’s the country style city boy who loves a tweed jacket.

2. Andrew Pozzi – 110m Hurdles

London ready ????????✈️????????

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Off season break ????

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Andrew, it would seem, is very flexible. Earlier this year he overcame an injury nightmare to win gold at the European Indoor Championship.

Pozzi has struggled with persistent foot injuries in the past so hopefully he can continue his winning streak this time round. Topless celebrations only please.

3. Elliot Giles – 800m

Preparing for the Oval Arena #runfree #800 #unorthodox ????????????????????????

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Look at that smile. This smoking hot 22-year-old came out of nowhere at the beginning of 2016 and secured his place at the WACC and possibly even Tokyo 2020 after being ‘in conversation’ to go to Rio last year.

Speaking to Athletics Weekly  he said: “I don’t want to just go there and say I’m an Olympian. I want to go out there and try to win my heat, win my semi, get to the final and see if I can try and win that too.” Good Luck Elliot.

4. Harry Aikines – 4 x 100m Relay

This muscle man, also won big at the European Indoor Championships taking home the 100m in a time of 10.21 seconds. He reminds us of Usain Bolt and the Hulk’s lovechild… Pretty hot.

5. David Moregie – 110m Hurdles and 4 x 100m Relay

Hard work done. Can't wait to #REPRESENT this weekend! #nike #london2017

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When you lose odds while ordering chipotle… ????

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This 21-year-old Welshman won his heat at the Lille Championships event for Great Britain in a season’s best time of 13.34 seconds. Going head to head against his teammate Pozzi, may the best man win.

6. Adam Gemili – 4 x 100m Relay

Unfortunately, Gemili just missed out on his chance to compete in his regular race, the 200m sprint, but not to worry Adam, you’ve made it to the Gay Times list of the hottest British Athletes in the 2017 WACC.

What more could you want than guys objectifying you behind their computer screens, really?

7. Danny Talbot 200m and 4 x 100m Relay

#tbt to my favourite competition on the circuit. #Luzern. A good night for 200 PBs

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Great to run with these guys today!

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It would seem that in this year’s World athletics championships we win gold for the best looking relay team…

8. CJ Ujah – 100m and 4 x 100m Relay

Always want to put on for my city, London stand up! ????????#MullerAnniversaryGames #REPRESENT

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It’s no competition anymore. There are far too many hotties running for GBR. Game over, we win. Gold, Silver and Bronze – the perfect finish.

9. Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake – 200m and 4 x 100m Relay

As he heads into retirement from the track, Usain Bolt isn’t in the 200m at this event. So hopefully, Nethaneel actually has a chance of winning. Also, he’s well fit.

10. Robbie Grabarz – High Jump

Me ordinary day #theunderwearexpert

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Wowcher. Last time Robbie did his famous high jump he made a few headlines for putting us all on the edge of our seats. We weren’t expecting Robbie to be so… talented.

Who knew high jumpers had such delicious bodies? Yum.

Special Entry – Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford may have had to call off competing in London this year, but we simply thought it would be neglecting out audience if we left out this red headed hottie.

Me and my mate Pascal ????

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Total swimsuit model vibes. And a cheeky tattoo.

WE can confirm that Greg Rutherford had the best bum on Strictly. It was a great way for Greg to show off his amazing rock solid cakes, maybe they should get their own Instagram account, Greg?

So now you know the 2017 London championships are worth watching, be a patriot, support your country and watch keep your eyes peeled.



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