This artist reimagined Nintendo characters as hot daddies and bears

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

Now here’s a free-for-all we’d like to join…

If you’re a Nintendo fan like us, you’ve probably poured hours of gaming into their insanely popular fighting series Super Smash Bros, which brings together the company’s most iconic characters for some legendary brawls.

But if you’ve been longing for a way to show off your favourite fandom to the world, then this brand new range of t-shirts might be just what you’re looking for…

Leonardo Gutierrez has reimagined 12 of the game’s most popular fighters – including Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Link and Pikachu – as rough and ready bear daddies for OSO Apparel, a brand he runs with his friend Ian.

“We are Leo and Ian, friends with the goal to create high-quality fashion for people like us — bear lovers, geeks and fashion-forward folk,” the pair wrote on their Facebook page.

“OSO is the result, and our obsession is to pair fun, flirty designs with excellence in craftsmanship, and to share that with you.”

So whether you’re looking for a scruffy plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom to lay some pipes, a bootylicious Captain Falcon to take you for a ride, or an axe-wielding Hyrule warrior to keep you safe at night – OSO have got you covered.

Check out the 12 Super Smash Bear designs below, and be sure to visit their website to get your free mobile phone wallpapers or purchase one (or all!) of their t-shirts.

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

Leonardo Gutierrez / OSO Apparel

T-shirts and mobile phone wallpapers are available over on OSO Apparel’s website.



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