Nyle DiMarco jumping around in tight briefs is everything you want it to be


Nyle DiMarco has stripped down to his white briefs for a new photoshoot with Paper magazine, and because they know you all love the thirst, they got him to bounce around on a trampoline and filmed the results.

Yep, there’s an actual video of the America’s Next Top Model hunk shaking it all around.

But of course, they sat down with the handsome model – who identifies as sexually fluid – to do a little chatting too.

Asked how he feels about the future of LGBT+ people in America, Nyle replied: “I am confident; however, there are still thousands of hearts and minds that need to change and open up.

“I’m more worried about the children struggling to find their identity during the new administration and especially after attacks on LGBTQ communities—Pulse nightclub, for one.

“I feel that the current administration is banding us, tighter and stronger—silver lining. That is what makes me hopeful.”

Nyle also spoke about how he doesn’t have many hang ups when it comes to getting naked.

“I am comfortable in my own skin; everybody should be in their own,” he said. “Growing up my mother had nude statues, nude portraits, and nude educational books all over the house.

“Every time we were curious and/or asked why, our mother would always say, ‘Body is art,’ and then engage into discussion that beauty comes in many forms.”


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