Brutal! Watch the most awkward gay date ever televised

They didn’t even get to the main course together…

If you tuned into First Dates last week, you’ll have witnessed what has to be one of the most awkward and, quite frankly, brutal rejections ever televised.

John and Greig had been paired up for a romantic meal, but after John came back from a quick smoke outside he gave his bluntly honest opinion of the date so far.

“It sounds really bad, but I don’t find you attractive,” John told him.

“You’re a really genuine guy and we seem to get on, but I just don’t have that connection with you.”

He added: “What’s the point in staying and having the main course and dinners?”

John basically then forced Greig to pay up his half of the bill, but instead of leaving the restaurant as well, he stayed for his steak. No, seriously.

When First Dates’ bearded Maitre D, Fred Sirieix, quizzed him on why he hadn’t also left, John replied: “I’ve got to have my dinner!”




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