Eurovision: Semi Final 2 – The best and the worst

Well, after the surprises of Semi Final 1 on Tuesday, who knows what’ll happen to the second batch of contestants. Here’s our guide to the best and worst of Semi Final 2.

Let’s start with the pick of the bunch…

Romania – Ilinca ft. Alex Florea, Yodel It!

Pure Eurovision. Picture the scene: Bucharest, November 2016. A record industry exec bolts up-right in the middle of the night – “I KNOW WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS!! A Fergie-inspired yodel/rap cross-over.” And so it came to pass. 

Like a week-old Croque-monsieur they don’t come much cheesier but somewhere in there is a bit of meat, pushing this beyond ‘novelty act’ towards ‘certifiable banger’.

Look out for the giant glitter cannons (adorable Alex got knocked down by one during rehearsals).

Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov, Beautiful Mess

Where one 17 year old struggled with the pressure (poor old Blanche) this one revels in it. Happy to meet fans and play around with the press, Kristian has thrown himself into the Eurovision whirlwind and emerged with many new fans.

A modern pop ballad that wouldn’t sound out of place on Radio 1, it’ll soak up jury and public votes alike. Don’t be surprised if this tops the Semi Final and places Top 3 on Saturday.

The Netherlands – Lights & Shadows, O’G3NE

First off, can we talk about that name? “O’G3NE”. All CAPS. Number included. Punctuation too. It’s the sort of nonsense that’d make even Hear’say blush.

Thankfully, the song’s a bit of a bop – these girls have been listening to their Wilson Phillips tapes as much as we have.

If you’re not singing along by the second chorus – you’re dead inside.

Also, a special mention for Estonia!

Estonia – Koit Toome & Laura, Verona (1980s version)

 By far my favourite song at this year’s competition – if they nail their performance it should qualify for the Grand Final.

Incredibly they’ve just released a 1980s version of the track which is actually better than what they’ll be performing at Semi Final 2. Have a listen.

The worst…

Only ten tracks can get through… 8 are straight for the dumpster. Here are the duds:

Ireland – Brendan Murray, Dying To Try

Paint. Trying to Dry.

San Marino – Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Walsh, Spirit of the Night

This is Valentina’s 4th Eurovision participation, and whilst San Marino is a tiny principality you do have to wonder if one of the other 31,780 residents might like a pop at the trophy?

On a related note, my spirit of the night is vodka. You’ll need one too by Monetta’s third key change.



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