5 reasons why Yooka-Laylee is the ultimate nostalgia trip you need to play

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Yooka-Laylee might just be the ultimate throwback to classic 90s platformers.

The game’s regarded as a spiritual successor to cult classic Banjo-Kazooie, with the company behind it made up of former RareWare employees, and comes as a result of a KickStarter which reach its goal in just 38 minutes.

Here’s our top five reasons why Yooka-Laylee should definitely be on your videogame wishlist…

05. Huge worlds to explore
This is where the game really stands out. There are five worlds for you to explore, each one bigger than the last, so you better pack a few snacks before you embark on the journey. Collecting the many Pagies scattered throughout the game lets you expand said worlds, giving you access to more areas – collecting Pagies in the first level gives you more temples to explore, while the casino level gives you access to a disco to boogie through.

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04. Collecting
While it might not be on par with the colossal Guinness World Record-amount of collectables in Nintendo classic Donkey Kong 64, there are still a ton of things to find in each of Yooka-Laylee’s world. Pagies, quills, magical transformation macguffin – whatever it is, chances are you’ll be turning each level upside down trying to locate them all. But that just adds to the experience, it wouldn’t be fun if you knew where everything was, now would it? Plus you’re going to need all those collectables to progress through the game – Pagies for opening new worlds and quills to buy new moves, the list is endless.

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3. Humorous dialogue
Whether you’re listening to the woes of a depressed shopping trolley, a soap opera loving tentacle monster, or just Laylee insulting every character you come across, you’ll come to love the game’s hilarious dialogue. Rather charmingly, all the characters speak in a gibberish tone which helps make things funnier, and it’s filled with all sorts innuendos and hidden adult jokes that the kids (hopefully) won’t understand.

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02. The challenge
If you’re looking for a game to put your virtual skills to the test, then Yooka-Laylee is the one for you. Some of the Pagie challenges will certainly get your palms sweating, especially when playing a few of Kartos’ minecart challenges, even a simple race can bring you close to introducing the controller to the wall at very high speeds. The mechanics are fair and well implemented, though, so if you do make a mistake 90% of the time it was your own fault, and when you do complete the challenges there’s no greater satisfaction.

© Playtonic

01. Nostalgia
The game is pretty much a nostalgia-fuelled rollercoaster right from the word go, and that should be no surprise seeing as how Playtonic Games is made up of ex-RareWare members. Being a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, players will instantly see the similarities and how well it captures the essence, charm and humour that made that game so popular back in the day.

Words Jonathan Shaw



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