Luke Evans was left red-faced by some of his semi-naked selfies on Ellen


“My what a guy, that Gaston!”

Luke Evans has been known to post a topless selfie or two on Instagram in his time, but we don’t think he was expecting to see them aired on Ellen when he originally put them up.

The British actor – who plays Gaston in Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast – was left red-faced when the audience screamed as his semi-naked selfies, leaving Ellen DeGeneres amused by the whole thing.

“Well you’ve just ruined it now,” he said, “I will never post another one.”

Head stuck in sofa. Help! ????thanks @monicavinader for my necklace..

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Beautiful Santorini.

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#parklife #londonsummer #happydays

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I shall miss my hill climb to see the Hollywood sign! My favourite thing to do. Can you see it??

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But Luke was a good sport about it all, and even gave viewers a peek at him singing Adele top his mother, who was watching on an iPad.

Of course, Ellen wasn’t going to let him leave without giving a rendition of an Adele track in a shower. No, seriously.

You can watch Luke Evans’ appearance on Ellen below:

Beauty and the Beast will be in cinemas on 17 March.

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