Tom Hardy on The Krays: “Reggie is heterosexual, Ronnie’s gay, crack on.”


The story of the Kray twins is legendary, making the title of the movie particularly apt. Tom Hardy plays identical twins Reggie and Ronnie, whose gangster empire penetrates almost all of 60s London.

With arson, assault, extortion and a series of nightclubs at their disposal, the twins notorious organisation The Firm took no prisoners.

Ronnie Kray is an openly gay, pill popping and incredibly unhinged character in Legend. He says to a collection of American gangsters at one point: “I prefer boys. Italian. Sometimes Greek, but I’m not prejudiced.”

We asked Tom Hardy how he got into the role of playing Ronnie and how he approached his sexuality. he told us: “Do you know what? I didn’t even think about it, it’s just what it is.

“Ronnie was gay, so if I thought too much about that, it might give me a pause to think I had to do something different. Instead, I had to just get on with what I was doing.

Ronnie’s gay that’s it, it’s all good.

Tom went on to explain that overthinking the Ronnie’s sexuality might have made him miss the point of the infamous twins: “I think if you start playing anything, then you’ve kind of missed the point.”

Of course, many believe that both of the twins were in fact gay, or at least bisexual. Tom went on to tell us that because of this, playing Reggie was actually more difficult: “I think what was complicated was actually Reggie.

“Reggie was potentially like Ronnie, we don’t know whether he was gay or not. That aspect is questionable, so when approaching the role [of Reggie], that’s where I had to look at Legend as its own separate entity within this entity.

To cope with this Tom had to just simply say: “Reggie is heterosexual, Ronnie’s gay, crack on.”

Legend is in Cinemas in the UK on 9 September and will see a US release on 2 October



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