Exclusive: LGBT+ play RUN will return to London this March

Critically acclaimed play RUN, by Stephen Laughton, is set to return to the London stage in March this year following a sell-out run at the Vault Festival in 2016.

Originally produced last February, the play was published as part of Plays from the Vault: an anthology of the top five plays at London’s Vault festival.

Filled with school riots, first loves, beached whales, cinema, space and sex, RUN tells the story of Yonni (Tom Ross-Williams), an orthodox, Jewish teenager, who sneaks out over the Sabbath and causes a world of trouble. As the night unfolds Yonni takes us on a journey into the very depths of the solar systems as  he  navigates his own  feelings of angst and rebellion.

Set against a rising tide of anti-Semitism, Yonni pulls us into a colourful world that spans the entire universe; a world away from his overbearing mother and distant father, away from the stresses of school and ‘shul’ and ‘shabbat’. Into the arms of Adam; the cheeky, older boy who catches his eye and leads him astray.

RUN opens at JW3 on March 8 as part of the GayW3 Festival. Later at the Marlborough in Brighton before it returns to London on March 20th, for a 2-week stint at the Bunker Theatre in London Bridge.

The play is written by Jewish LGBT+ writer Stephen Laughton.

More information can be found here.



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