Think within the box – Support photographer Ron Amato’s incredible new book

“Little boxes on the hillside. Little boxes made of ticky tacky.”

It’s not often you see a photo series that takes your breath away. Sure, there are photo shoots with attractive guys and stunning locations that make you say ‘Wow’. But it’s not often you find a series that you see a series of pictures that surprises you.

Enter photographer Ron Amato’s photo series and upcoming book, The Box. A collection of images of men in intimate situations within boxes, on boxes and around boxes.

Focusing on the powerful themes of isolation, desire, conflict and empowerment, Ron’s pictures cast an unavoidable light onto human experiences of self-discovery and community building.

“Using a series of boxes to create visual metaphors, Ron echoes his development from adolescence to adulthood through over 100 color, and black and white photographs,” explains his Kickstarter, which is in the final few days of funding.

“Evoking first his youth in Brooklyn, New York during the 1960s and 1970s, moving through his coming out as a gay man and to his present position as a respected professional photographer and teacher, Ron creates a vivid portrait of struggle and triumph.”

The Kickstarter is to help fund the production of The Box, a 96-page book two years in the making, which has been designed in a 10-inch square format to mirror the box images it features.

“Boxes trap, boxes hide, boxes protect, you receive gifts in boxes. We’re told to ‘think outside the box.’ Pandora had a box,” explained photographer Ron Amato.

“This project uses boxes as vehicles for expressing different stages of my life as a gay man. The object at once represents an obstacle and a tool for acceptance and pride.

“The Box represents eight concepts that follow the arc of of my life from isolation to empowerment. Along the way I grappled with adversity and conflict, longed to be in love, found ways to satiate desires, eventually becoming empowered and connecting with community. ”

With only six days to go to fund the project, check out the page and donate what you can at And you can watch their campaign video right here:

And because we’ve probably got Little Boxes stuck in your head, here’s the Regina Spektor cover of the Malvina Reynolds classic.



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