Exclusive: Hot newcomer Bianca speaks to GT

The new girl on the block talks about her smoking debut single Step It Up, ex-girl band Parade and working with some of the hottest names in music…

Newcomer to the music scene is 23-year-old Bianca, hailing from Nottingham. With her hot bold look, gorgeous natural face and equally amazing vocals, the only reason you might not have heard of her is because you’ve not yet listened to her debut single.

Bianca’s infectious track Step It Up will have you tapping your toes and repeating the words back to your screen. It’s all pure, unadulterated pop that just likes to have fun, and it’s already had it’s wicked way with us!

Tell us a little about your new single Step It Up, and when can we get our hands on a copy? It’s a fun pop song with some slightly 80’s influences that will hopefully get people up on their feet and having a boogie. We don’t have a release date set yet, but it will be very soon!

You’ve recorded it with Anu, Roy Kerr, Ali Love and Elisa Doolittle – one of our faves! How were they to work with? Amazing. We had a lot of fun writing and recording Step It Up and as soon as I got the mix back, I knew it had to be the first single. They were really open to my ideas when we were writing and were really chilled in the recording process as well. They gave me freedom to put my own stamp on the song.

So you’re a bit of an 80’s girl… what is it about the likes of Madonna and Cindi Lauper you find so good? I just love the fact that all those artists produced songs that were unashamed pop! They had really strong top lines and melodies and amazing powerhouse productions. There was nothing self indulgent about it. Just good fun pop that you could dance along to and they always set their own trends.

You also worked with some big names like Biff Stannard (Spice Girls, Ellie Goulding) Hygrade (Britney, Cheryl) Nexus (Lana Del Ray) and Holter & Erixson (Ne-Yo, Christina Aguilera). What were they like?! I felt so honoured to be able to work with such amazing names. I think the most amazing thing about being able to work with them was that they were all so much fun and really humble. I’ve had such great experiences working with all of them and had so many laughs. Every single one of them has made writing and recording this album an absolute hoot!

You used to be in girl band Parade a few years back. What was it like to have a top ten UK (and #7 in Scotland) hit with the very catchy song Louder? I can’t even begin to describe it. The best feeling ever! Because we were on tour with Alexandra Burke in the lead up to the single coming out, we didn’t have a clue how the song was being received, so for it to go into the top 10 was the most incredible surprise for us all and definitely one of my greatest achievements so far.

What were Alexandra Burke and Shakira like to work with? We’ve heard Shakira’s got a great little bum… Alexandra Burke was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Being on tour with her was like becoming part of her family. The entire team was so welcoming. We were so lucky to have that as our first tour experience. Shakira was really lovely as well. I couldn’t believe how tiny she was! And yes, she has the most amazing bum!

You also worked with Ellie Goulding and Shane Ward… They were really really nice! we only did one gig with Ellie Goulding. She came into the dressing room, she said Hi, bless her she’d forgotten her make up bag, so she was picking makeup out of all of our bags! Shane’s lovely. Really really nice and down to earth. That’s kind of the biggest, not shock… there is obviously a stigma attached to celebrities that they’re going to be divas and they’re going to be a certain type of person, and I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with everyone we’ve met. They’ve all just been really really nice, normal people!

You and the girls performed as part of a Nintendo 3DS launch as well, what was that like? Amazing! And it was our first big corporate gig! We were all like ‘Oh my god, this is serious now!’ And obviously it was all filmed in 3D as well. It was like ‘great, everyone’s going to see every little blemish now if it’s all in 3D!’ It was so much fun, and we got free Nintendo 3DS’s out of it as well, I’ve still got it!

OK, so you were the first to leave the band. Did you feel the time was right to do something different? Definitely. We had been together as a group for a total of 3 years and had some amazing experiences together. But it just felt like it had come to a natural end and it was time for us all to start a new chapter. I’ve spoken to a couple of the girls recently and we keep up with each other’s progress in whatever we’re doing.

How would you describe your music? Okay, so the single… fun, pop, lively, boogietastic! The album, it’s pretty much the same kind of thing, it does have the 80’s inspired elements, but current, fun, pop, bright, bold, doesn’t care, doesn’t take itself too seriously!

What can we expect next from Bianca? Well, I cannot wait to start gigging! That’s the next thing on the agenda. I do my first gig in a week as kind of a trial run. Being back on stage is just the best bit. I’ve been doing this album for a year and a half, the Parade fans have been so patient, and they have waited and stuck with it, and then obviously to get such a good response from them for Step It Up has been so amazing. It has made it worthwhile. But being out gigging is the next step, it’s without a doubt the best bit. To see people get a genuine response and let them know that waiting hasn’t been in vane. And hopefully they’ll like the new single and new record, so that’s next on the agenda. I cannot bloody wait!

It’s obvious that Bianca’s put a truck load of effort into producing her catchy little number, so it definitely deserves all the attention and play it’s bound to get. Well done babes!

Listen to Bianca’s debut single Step It Up on SoundCloud now.

Twitter: @BiancaMusicUK
Facebook: BiancaMusicUK

Interview & Words: James Kreczak, @Kracajak



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