Brighton artist Louise Dear drops a Love Bomb for Pride

© Louise Dear – Used with permission

“Compassion and love should be our weapons to continue the fight for the freedom…”

Her previous works have been collected by the likes of Sir Elton John and now the world-renowned artist Louise Dear has produced a stunning painting specifically for the LGBT community with a stunning painting.

The piece, titled Love Bomb, is a celebration of Pride and all it stands for.

Louise explained: “I have always supported Pride and the LGBT movement as I have a core belief that being who you want to be is the greatest freedom of all!”

She goes on to say that the struggles of the LGBT community have not yet been fully overcome across the world. In Britain we’re allowed celebrate Pride, but that this freedom that is not enjoyed by many others.

“I have many close gay and transgender friends and I’m well aware of the struggles they continue to go through,” Louise continues. “During my life time, being gay has gone from being a crime to something celebrated and even now cherished within a wedded union.

“This is fantastic and should be celebrated and paraded through the streets yet without forgetting this is not the same everywhere and much of the world still has a very long way to come.

“Compassion and love should be our weapons to continue the fight for the freedom of all and if Love Bomb can help send a little of this message, with added glitter and bling, I shall be very happy.”

You can find out more on the critically acclaimed artist at

© Louise Dear – Used with permission

© Louise Dear – Used with permission

Words Hugh Sallows



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