Six things you need to know about Anne-Marie

With Anne-Marie’s official video for Alarm out now, we thought it would be a bloody good idea to get you in the know about the rising star.

01. When she was 12, Essex-born Anne-Marie starred in the West End production of Whistle Down the Wind with Jessie bloody J, but we’re not holding that against her.

Well yesterday was amazing at Thetford Forest ????????????????????????

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02. She left musical theatre behind “when my voice dropped like a boy’s and I couldn’t really sing those songs any more”.

03. When Anne-Marie sings “work hard on me like karate” on her track Karate, she knows what she’s talking about. During her teenage years, she became a triple world champion in the sport’s shotokan style. Though obviously the song is about sex, not martial arts.

04. Anne-Marie has spent two years touring with drum and bass group Rudimental, but she’s now “ready to do my own thing”. She calls her music “soulful pop” with lyrics that are “real and relatable”.

05. Boy is basically about Anne-Marie having a gaydar fail. “I met this boy and he was really lovely, but I couldn’t figure out if he fancied me or if he was gay,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘I need to write a song about this situation, but how the hell do I do that without offending anyone?’ I wanted to do it in a cheeky way, and I think I managed that.”

06. In case you’re wondering: “He was gay, yeah. I was literally asking everyone if they knew and eventually someone told me. Worst day of my life.”

Look at my tired ass

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Anne-Marie’s official video for Alarm is out now, @annemarieiam



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