Six things you need to know about JoJo


JoJo has returned to the music scene and she’s got a new album on the way.

01. Yes, JoJo who scored huge hits as a kid with Leave (Get Out) and Too Little Too Late is back.

02. It’s a long and complicated story, but basically JoJo was stuck in a record deal for seven years where she couldn’t actually release any music.

03. “I truly felt trapped. I was very depressed and that manifested in different ways. I didn’t want to get out of bed,” she tells us. “Being a singer has always been my identity so I had to find other ways to like myself and find self-worth.”

04. JoJo finally escaped from the dodgy deal in 2014 and is now readying a new album. Check out her tracks When Love Hurts and Save My Soul for a taste of her new sound.

05. “I don’t feel the need to prove I’m grown,” says JoJo, who’s now 25. “I’m grown as fuck – it’s pretty clear.”

06. Because of her past struggles, JoJo says she has a special bond with her LGBT fans. “Their resilient spirit and confidence – whether it’s a true confidence or a projected confidence – is something that inspires me, because I think I’ve always projected confidence whether I feel it or not. It’s something we do as a defence mechanism to get by, almost like an armour. So I think we relate on that level.”

Look Ma- smiling with teeth!!!!!!!

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JoJo’s new album will be out later this year, @iamjojo



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