Review: Thief

One of the old guard when it comes to first person stealth-a-thons gets a shiny next-gen spit and polish as the Thief returns.

GT has had an exclusive hands-on with the PS4 version of a near complete build and can profess relief in finally seeing a game that truly feels next-gen. The free-running and creeping both feel wonderfully organic and the pseudo-medieval world you spend time in genuinely feels the part, with convincing voice acting and a brilliantly layered soundtrack all adding to an impressive first-person experience.

Some of the character models might look a little last-gen compared to what we know is to come, but lighting and atmospheric effects generate a lot of goodwill to what is a fine looking and classy gaming experience. The story commences among the rooftops of a bustling town with a challenge to steal a jewel and intuitive “training” sections that feel like fully formed elements of the game rather than strapped on for effect.

Far be it for us to ruin the plot but, suffice to say, things take a turn from there. Essential.

Words Mike Hird



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