This Speedo clad Adele cover was confused for a tourism advert

Bryan Hawn / YouTube

A super hot video cover of Adele’s Hello left the Internet confused after it was mistaken for a Singapore Tourism advert.

Self proclaimed author and ‘international fitness icon’ Bryan Hawn covers the hit song in a variety of tight-fitting briefs and in various exotic locations.

After showing off in the pool, he feeds a banana to a monkey and is then sprayed by an elephant’s trunk. No we are not making this up…

However, the video was then uploaded to Facebook with the caption: “Cover of Adele’s latest hit single, Hello, produced for the Singapore Tourism Board.”

While we are not complaining – how could you? – viewers were perplexed as to why Singapore Tourism would create such an odd video.

One Facebook user said: “Why is this guy the star of the Singapore Tourism video? Was this travel vid produced by the Pink Dot Singapore movement?”

Another said: “No speedos were harmed in this commercial but Singapore’s Tourism Board had a lobotomy LOL.”

Bryan soon clarified in a follow up post, that the video had nothing to do with Singapore Tourism and that he wasn’t sure where that ‘rumour’ had come from, but he did provide a link to his ‘ass workout’, so we’ll let him off.


Words Laurence Dollimore



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