Nick Jonas says he has nothing to prove over his sexuality

Kingdom / Audience Network

Speaking to Complex, the former Disney star expressed his frustration over claims that he exploits the LGBT community for his own ends.

As well as portraying gay characters in the TV drama Kingdom and horror spoof Scream Queens, Nick has been photographed regularly  partying in gay bars and has performed at a number of Pride events all around America. However, many have claimed that the young superstar is guilty of ‘gay-baiting’ his LGBT fans to further his career.

When asked how he feels about accusations of ‘gay-baiting’, Nick told Complex: “There’s always going to be negativity toward anything that is a positive effort toward change.

“As a heterosexual male, [I am] open and comfortable about loving my fan base, gay or straight, because to me there is no difference, it is my fan base.

“Your sexual preference does not matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to anybody.”

The 23-year-old singer went on to say that the goal should be acceptance on all levels, and that he is grateful for the gay people in his life: “I’ve gone to normal clubs, straight clubs, and I’ve gone to gay clubs, to party with my friends and fans. There’s no difference. I have nothing to prove.

“I’m very comfortable in my own skin and I’m thankful to have as many close gay friends as I have, people who have been so supportive in my life, and have always been there for me.”

Nick’s new album is also reportedly its final stages, and is expected to drop early this year.

Words Laurence Dollimore




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