Review: Graeme of Thrones

‘WINTER IS COMING’ … No wait, it’s here and it comes with a dark comical edge.

We love Game of Thrones. So we didn’t quite know what to expect when attending a parody of the very popular TV show… Thankfully it didn’t disappoint.

Don’t go to see Graeme of Thrones for a big production or fancy special effects. Go to see it for a good old laugh and a mickey take at one of the most popular series of the last few years.

Now it does say in the show’s description, ‘no previous knowledge of Game of Thrones needed’, and that’s mostly true. We went along with someone who’d never seen the TV show *gasp*, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. But if you want to get the full experience, we have to suggest watching a few episodes –otherwise some of the gags will go over your head. Literally…

The premise of the show is that it’s a presentation to investors, showing them a possible Game of Thrones production. Thanks to that you get to see the ‘off the record’ moments, arguments between the cast and spats between each of them over their parts.

Bryony [Libby Northedge] stole the show when we were there. Her take on Sansa Stark’s first period will have you in stitches. Then there’s her performance as Cersei Lannister, which is spot on – almost too good in fact. She gets the pout and the dark, mysterious character spot on, but with a hilarious twist.

Graeme [Ali Brice] is brilliant in his vision. Pushing through on little or no knowledge of how to put on a decent production. His character knows what he wants, and that’s the money from the investors to create this insane, but brilliantly silly adaptation of Game of Thrones. He doesn’t let the slip ups and falls during the show to get in the way. He pushes through and the end product is messy, but hilarious.

There are moments where things get a little bit too silly. The cast use puppets and soft toys in parts – but it’s all part of the low budget gag, which, of course, is part of the show.

The show has a wealth of comic talent behind it. It’s directed by Sam Bailey – co-founder of Parrot In the Tank – and written by Toby Park  –Artistic Director of Spymonkey –, Andrew Doyle –Writer of the musical adaptation of Terry Pratchet’s Soul Music – and Dan Evans (Mock the Week).

In summary, the production more than manages to take on the epic TV show on a minuscule budget. Expect tears of laughter and strong innuendo. And be warned, you might end up covered in Sansa Starks introduction to womanhood.

Graeme of Thrones is one of those plays which you’re going to get or you don’t. We most certaintly did, and we urge any Game of Throne fans to head down to see it.

GT gives Graeme of Thrones – 4/5

Graeme Of Thrones is playing at the Leicester Square Theatre (The Lounge) until 10 January. For more information and tickets, see the Leicester Square Theatre.



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