Greyson Chance has a queer summer romance in Honeysuckle music video

Greyson Chance has dropped his music video for Honeysuckle.

The laid-back, vocoder-drenched bop is the second single from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming second studio album (technically his third, but he doesn’t count his debut), and it explores how his mood changes with the seasons.

“Honeysuckle is inspired by my own personality changes from the summer to the winter. Every year, I notice a larger difference within myself as the season changes,” Greyson explains of the single.

“In the colder months, I am more reserved and more timid, while in the heat, I embrace a carefree energy. I wanted this song to represent that change between unsure and sure, between shy and outgoing, between guarded and free.

“It reminds me of my teenage years anytime I hear it, and it makes me feel nostalgic. I hope it does the same for the listener.”

The sun-soaked music video, meanwhile, sees Greyson go on a seemingly romantic summertime road trip before – in his own words – drowning his boyfriend and stealing his motorcycle. Iconic.

Watch the Honeysuckle video here or below.



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