Dorian Electra channels your Myspace scene kid days in Guyliner video

Dorian Electra has dropped their Guyliner music video.

Directed by the gender-fluid pop star and their longtime collaborator Weston Allen, the grandiose clip sees Dorian continue on their mission to break down gender stereotypes and poke fun at outdated ideals of masculinity, with a lot of neon green.

“I wanted to harken back to the mid 2000s emo/Myspace/scene kid aesthetic,” they explained.

“That was a really special cultural moment for masculinity that helped make it more okay for ‘guys’ to wear tight ‘girls’ jeans, makeup, have ‘crazy’ hair and be more flamboyant fashion-wise in general.

“The idea of rockstar guys wearing makeup like ‘guyliner’ was definitely something that ultimately made me feel more comfortable wearing makeup myself as a gender-fluid person (I wore super thick black eyeliner all throughout high school).

“For me, makeup is a big part of how I express myself and I love blending feminine and masculine elements together to create looks that draw on my favourite parts of each and everything between.”

To celebrate the video release, Dorian has also created a real-life Guyliner product that you can buy now with 20% of profits being donated to the LA LGBT Centre, who care for and champion LGBTQ individuals and families in Los Angeles and beyond.

Watch the video for Guyliner here or below.



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